User guide for multiple accounts

Is there an easy to understand User guide for setting up and using multiple accounts. People talk about multiple accounts but there does not seem to be much info about them. For example: I have two email addresses and I don’t want to have to run two separate email programs. I want to be able to receive and reply to both accounts from one place without all the messages going into the same inbox.

Hi Chris,
I run about fifteen diverse accounts on eMail and they are mostly SMTP but some POP3 as well. I have all my domains’ mail downloaded as well. Really a breeze!

eMail Client helps you set up your accounts effortlessly. You only need your email login details and the rest is taken care of automatically! The kicker is that you can actually import all your Outlook/TBird settings and folders automatically, making for stress-free emailing.

Obviously you need to upgrade to pro for multiple accounts, but hey, take it from an old Outlook / T-Bird user, it is worth every cent many times over.