User-frielndly layout

It would be very helpful if you created a possibility to distinguish the accounts in the folder pane by using different colors.

The layout (composition) of the emClient is not quite  clear and user-friendly because of no possibility of personalization, all the details in the folder pane are not enough readable, the seem to blur  and fuse into one account.

 There also should be an option to use only icons in the menu.

 Generally the layout is too flat and monotonous. The tabs should be more colorful and 3D or at least 2D when pointed out by a user.

Hello Domalek,
thank you for your feedback and idea about the colours here on the forum where other users can vote for it and our developers can consider it for future improvements.

As for the 3d effect/shades - I suggest looking into the other themes available in Menu>Tools>Settings>Appearance>Theme.