Useful option disappeared on upgraded version

Recently I upgraded the tool to the new version.
But a very useful option disappeared: before, when I clicked on the “Share” button of the Google Chrome browser, there was the Email option.
After the upgrade, this option disappeared.
How to restore it ?

Recently I upgraded the tool to the new version

What tool did you upgrade ?

The tool I upgraded: eM Client

The tool I upgraded: eM Client

Check that your OS default mailer is still set to eM Client. Could be it’s not set properly.

If it is already the default mailer, and you have already tried rebooting your computer and still the same problem, then I would suggest to put a post on the Google Chrome forum via the following link Google Chrome Community

Note: I did a quick search online and appears a recent Google Chrome update has caused alot of share url options to dissapear due to changes in Chrome. So I suspect this was the cause and just coincidence when you updated eM Client.

Its a known issue since version v112.0.5615.138

Indeed, seems to be Chrome issue.
I have Chrome v113.
Looks strange, but Chrome apparently decided to supress useful Share option definitely starting from v112.
Thanks !