Used eM Client to download emails using POP3. Uninstalled, now all my emails are gone. PLEASE HELP!

I used POP3 to download emails. They downloaded and removed them from my server. Now that I uninstalled eM client I no longer have access to my emails… PLEASE HELP! I contacted my server support and they say they are gone.

Is there a place that the program stores my emails locally? I can’t
believe it would delete my emails when I uninstalled the program. Is that really what happened?

They are located in the mail_data.dat file, located at:  
C:\Users\erics\AppData\Roaming\eM Client\Local Folders

If you did not back up, they are gone.

I see files in that folder. I see alot of .dat files question is how do I access my emails? What program do I use.

Oh, if you still have the folder, that’s good news. Copy the whole folder to a safe location. Then reinstall a.m. client. Then perform a backup. Then export all your emails to a permanent archive.

I’m assuming after I reinstalled you thought the emails would be in Em Client, but after reinstalling there are no accounts setup. I was using the free version. There’s nothing there to backup. How do I import the files into eM client from that folder mentioned above? Is that possible? Thanks for you help!

I have never had to use RESTORE function, but that’s how you would do it. Or simply copy the original folder into the new installation folder?

if you leave the database files where they are, eM Client will pair up with them again after you install it.
POP protocol download messages from Inbox and deletes them from the server, that is how POP protocol is desigined to work (though when you set up the account as such in eM Client we leave the option to ‘leave messages on server for 7 days’ in case someone used this set up by accident).
I suggest pairing up with your database again.
Move all messages to local folder/export them to your computer as EML files.
When your account is empty and all your messages safe, remove the POP setup of your account.
Use eM Client or other client software to move your data back to your server by setting the mail account to IMAP protocol (IMAP synchronizes data with the server)


Hi Olivia,
So I haven’t moved the database files but did reinstalled the program and it doesn’t look like there was any pairing up.

I’ve attached a screen shot of the files that were left on my computer after the uninstall.