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I have two mail accounts - a pop3 account with my ISP and an outlook account.
When I download from the pop3 account, the messages are removed from the server and they are mine. If I delete the mail, it goes to trash and stays there until I clean up trash.
Whereas with Outlook it syncs the mail. Messages are not removed from the server. And if I delete the message from em client, then outlook is sync’d to move it to delete remotely too.
And this is OK. But when outlook automatically cleans the trash, that is then sync’d with trash and so they disappear from em client.
(I do tend to use the trash folder as a sort of long term store for stuff that might be useful over the coming months but that I do not want to keep forever)

I notice under options on, I can set POP to lets devices and apps to use POP and that does have delete settings but I do not think that is what I want.
So can I only sync certain folders eg inbox and sent and outbox but not trash for instance?


Hello John,
unfortunately, you cannot set just some folders to use different mail protocol. The account is either set up with POP protocol or using a synchronizing mail protocol (IMAP or Exchange).
In your case I’d suggest moving the messages to Local Folders Trash instead of the Outlook trash folder.