Use only Local folders

Hello, I am looking for Thunderbird alternative and I am missing one crucial option to use only Local folders. A mean a situation where email from multiple accounts are downloaded to local folders. I don’t want to see all my account separately. Only Local folders. Is it possible?

Yes, this is possible. 

The last screen of the POP3 setup offers the option. You have the option to setup a separate folder tree for each account, or use Local Folders.

If you select Local Folders for all of the accounts, they will all share the same Inbox, Sent etc. just like with Thunderbird.

Hello Gary,
thank you very much for your replay. Sorry for late response, I didn’t get email notification about reply (weird cause I am following this topic).
I have used an option while setting up to import everything from Thunderbird so it imported my accounts automatically. I didn’t used POP3 wizard. I have looked in accounts settings in POP3 settings this option and it is not there. So I cannot do this? I need to delete all accounts, create them manually and set this option, right?

Yes, the option is only available when setting up the account. You cannot do it afterwards.

Be careful when deleting a POP3 account from eM Client. It will delete the data as well, so you want to export, or move it to Local Folders first.

I love how you give visuals with your answers…that is SO helpful.  Thank you for being so generous with your time!  I am going to re-do my accounts and put them in my local folders–will that make the using of all those emails from 5 accounts similar to what the ALL FOLDERS does (but not local)?

Does IMAP give you the option to use only local folders?

No.  By definition IMAP synchronizes the local client to the server.  Any change to either the server or client will in turn reflect on the other.  The only way to utilize local folders is to set the account up as POP3