Use of Smart Folders

I have used outlook for literally decades. It provides thousands of options if you’re willing to mess with the registry. However, my annoyance with fundamental items finally caught up with me and I began a search for a replacement.  Thunderbird doesn’t properly support exchange.  There are various problems with other clients.  Even em Client doesn’t include notes but frankly I don’t care.  i use evernote. 

My primary problem with outlook is it’s lack of combined folders such as inbox, junk, and trash/deleted items.  I lose too much time emptying multiple trash and junk folders as well as going through all the inboxes. 

em Client provides all the combined folders but, except for the inbox, the functionality isn’t there.  I still have to empty individual folders.  I was in IT for about 35 years and it isn’t difficult for me to visualize a way to do this.  Certainly it can be done.

I really like this program but can’t use it unless it solves my productivity problems.  Any chance we can see these functions added to smart folders?

Thanks very much.


Hi Dan, thank you for the suggestion, these options are on a list of features that should be available in future releases of eM Client.


Unfortunately, one of the problems with em client is they have a ‘can’t/won’t do it’ mentality instead of a ‘we’ll find a way’ mentality.  This is pervasive across the board, so many times they write their evil ‘thank you for understanding’ comment, which is their way of saying “FU, we’re not fixing, modifying or doing it any way but the way WE want”.

Smart Folders in em client are anything but smart.  They’re limited to a few options but don’t allow any real  flexibility.  I’m in the same position as the OP, needing exchange and the ability to have mail in one place, but it’s still lacking in man ways.  Having options isn’t hard to do, but it appears to be hard for EM to add anything users actually want, the new features are few, and added slowly and usually don’t improve much.

The Bat was my go-to email client, but it didn’t allow native exchange, and that killed it, but their updates were constant and thorough.  They added many features we’d ask for, some important ones actually would be added as a single item update if it was important enough.  

em client needs to take this approach, to make improvements users ask for and need, and smart folders being smart seems like am important step in that direction.

Honestly, from a programming standpoint, having an option to select specific email inboxes is incredibly simple and shouldn’t be something questioned years ago that still doesn’t exist.  Having ‘select all inboxes’ or ‘select specific inboxes’  is NOT complicated.  Really, it’s not.  Send me the source code and i’ll add it and have it done tomorrow.  Yet instead of actually making relevant and useful improvements, we get ‘thank you for understanding’.  

Just a crappy way to do business if you ask me.

Hi Marty,
thank you for your constructive criticism, we are very sorry you feel this way about eM client especially when the application provides you with needed features such as exchange compatibility opposite to a better smart folder feature in our competitor’s application.

As I have mentioned several times on the forum, we’re considering every single feature request added to this forum, and I’m sorry it makes you feel like we are ignoring your request. I’d also like to point out that developing new features and making important adjustments to the application can be very time consuming for the developers, and before changes can apply it takes time.

Updates are being pushed to our users when new features and updates are ready as we don’t want our users having to update constantly, it also allows us to make sure all the updated features are working properly before you update.

However, if all this isn’t enough, I’m sorry but it seems like we just won’t be able to satisfy your needs.



We’ve had these discussions before.  This isn’t about ME.  This isn’t about you.  

This is about the general apathy em client shows towards everyone.  If something I want is discounted,  oh well, maybe i am just being petty.  But when the standard response on here is ‘Thank you for understanding’ and it’s global, not just me, but it’s directed at EVERYONE, then the problem is company wide, as that comment is directed at all clients of your product.  

This is a paid application, it’s not free.  Based on that alone, you work for us, it’s a for profit endeavor.  This means when people see a need, regardless of what it is, then it’s relevant.  

Honestly, the biggest problem for me personally is when i see a problem someone posted a year ago or more, it was marked as planned yet it’s still not there.  It doesn’t take a year to add something.  Yet on here, those delays are common.  

I think you equated em client to Windows.  But that’s a totally absurd comparison… emclient is a single, comparatively simple program, while windows has hundreds or even thousands of components (programs)  that all have to integrate with each other flawlessly, with millions(billions?) of users all using it differently and incorporating billions of their own selection of programs.

So maybe MS doesn’t release as many updates, but they have to do a lot more than em client’s singular project of making one program work better.

But regardless, i appreciate your conclusion is to trash me about my opinions, while my opinions were based on a global observation that em client as a whole has taken the view of we’ll do what we want, regardless of the needs of others.  

Is em client terrible?  No, it’s actually a pretty good program and as i’ve gotten used to it, im satisfied with most of the application.   But the problem is when i can’t do something and i go searching for answers and MOST of the time, my searches reveal others having had the same questions/problems and they have all gotten similar ‘Thank you for understanding’ responses that their problem (and now mine) would not be changed/fixed/modified/repaired/adjusted etc.   And even more galling is when i see “that feature will be added soon” and a year later it’s still NOT implemented.

So, Paul, accept the concept that this isn’t about me or you, but about the thousands of customers who pay for the privilege of using this product and when WE (global we) see a need, it’s better to review if the need is worth incorporating changes to make the program better.  

Going back to Windows, if MS did things the way em client does, we’d still be using Win 3 and evolution would not exist.  But considering how fast technology goes, it’s essential we improve and things get better.  

I read the Windows Insider forums which is the debug forum for the current dev project, currently win 10, and i’ve read literally thousands and thousands of posts and not once, seriously, not one time ever have i seen a MS engineer, tech support guy or anyone related to MS and Windows dev platform say ‘sorry, it’s not possible, thank you for understanding’.  

Think about it.


Hi again, if anyone has an issue with the application who’s paying for the product, he can easily report the issue to the priority support and we’ll help him resolve the issue. All issues are sorted using our ticket system and taken care of individually.

If the application is not working and issues persists, we have a quite open refund policy, and if somebody is not satisfied with the products features or has issues with the product, there’s always an option to get a refund for our “crappy way of doing business”, but I’d leave this option to the companies or individuals that seem to be having the issue, rather than speaking in their name.

After all, it seems the biggest issue here, is my signature.


Hi Marty,

I think it’s ‘normal’ that a software company says something like “thank you for your suggestion, we will add it to our list of to-do’s” … eM Client can not easily say, “thank you for your suggestion, it will be implemented in 3 days” (or 2 weeks, or whatever). Users will then become upset if the feature is not ready in the promised 3 days (or 2 weeks).

I know eM Client is busy developing version 7. I hope and assume that in that version some things will be implemented for which users have been asking. I also think that changes in version 6 are maybe not so fast implemented as some users would like, because of the (human) resources spent on version 7.

Apparently I’m no longer welcomed to post anything under my account… This was in red at the top of the page when i tried posting a response…  It’s nice they feel if someone disagrees it’s ok to simply make them go away.  

My discourse was not rude, just reasonable… But apparently they don’t like anyone disagreeing with them and if you do, you will be banned.  

Nice attitude…!  It’s not like they can really ever stop anyone, just create new accounts… but i don’t think it’s fair to ban someone for not sitting and being complacent.  Think that was what Hitler and Saddam wanted.

This was my ‘you’re banned message’…

Sorry! Your participation privileges were suspended by Community Managers for persistent inappropriate behavior: Marty, your behavior on the forum seems unduly, as I’ve suggested several times, if you’re dissatisfied, you’re more than welcome to get a refund for any issues with the application. You’re fighting for our users, and I appreciate you do, however it seem.

Apparently the message was too long… but they don’t like me posting my opinions… better to  kick someone off than make others get restless.  


The only thing missing was Paul saying…

Thank You for Understanding.