Use MS-Word Editor!

Majority of people use MS-Word and Outlook and are very much used to the intuitive interface and features the MS-Word editor has. Some of the many great features that Word editor offers are:

  1. Tables (tables in emClient are unusable for me). Inserting tables, formatting tables, changing borders…etc.
  2. Formatting features - this is absolutely key
  3. Auto-Bullets and numbers.
  4. Formatting toolbar. The frequently used functions (changing font, coloring text, strikethrough, enlargin text size, changing text case…etc.)  are either not immediately available, or not available at all.
  5. Ruler!

I suggest a new feature to add an option in emClient to allow the user to use MS-Word as the default email composer/reader editor. 

I would like to add my second to this request…

Is there any other mail clients outside of Outlook that uses MS Word as an editor option ?