Use address book within rule

I switched to eM Client and I’m very satisfied with it. Nevertheless, I’m looking for a feature that I could not find yet.

I use rules to color/categorize my incoming mails according to the people that sent them. Right now, I’m only able to add contacts to the rule one by one. Is it possible to simply add a whole address book?

Thanks for your help :wink:

Hi, it is possible, when you are in “rule wizard” and you click on blue “address” (from or to) there should be “contacts…” button. click on it and it will allow you to use your contacts instead of copy/paste.


Thanks a lot for your immediate help.

Still, if I add contacts to the address book after setting the rule, I need to refresh the rule manually.

Is there a way that the rule updates itself by adding the new contact automatically as it is in that specific address book? If there isn’t, maybe you can consider that for future releases as an “idea” :wink:

Thanks again!

It is not possible and we do not plan to implement it in the foreseeable future.


Some other clients have filters such as “if address book named ___ contains sender”. That would be good.

I have also found that the Contacts button does not work: I type names that are in my contacts but are not found in the Contacts filter dialog window.

There could be two reasons why the contact doesn’t show in the dialogue:

  1. The contact does not have a valid email address. Go to the Contacts section and open the contact you want to use. Make sure there is an email address in one of the email fields, and this it is a proper email address. Having bob@me as an address is not valid. Sometimes certain characters make the address invalid, like spaces and other punctuation.

  2. The address book is not selected to show in all contacts folder. Go to your Contacts section and right-click on the address book and select Properties.

Make sure that Show in All Contacts folder is selected.

Both conditions are already true–valid address and “Show in All” marked–but the contacts still do not appear.

Can you send me the contact? Right click on the contact and choose Send contact. Send it to me and I will have a look.

I found that it did work. I was not selecting the correct address book from within the filters dialog window. Thanks!