US Holidays

Is there a way to add US holidays to the eM Client calendar without manually entering all of them?

No. Unless you are using Google Calender and using Google holiday calender for US.

Thank you. No problem with sync of the main Google calendar through my Gmail account. It shows up in eM Client just fine. I do have US Holidays loaded into my copy of Google Calendar, but I need some help to add that calender so it shows up in eM Client’s calendar window.

Hi, please read instruction here, it called Configuring non default Gmail calendars:…

Note that this will require a additional CalDAV account in eM. And eM has restriction up to 2 account in the free license.

I did as instructed and got a “not found” error.

You can also import them (menu File->Import->Import events from iCalendar (.ics)) from some iCalendar file of US holidays (e.g. from…).