URLs won't copy and paste into email

Alas Compadres of eM,

With the newest update, I can’t copy and paste a URL into the body of an email. Any thoughts? I’ve shut down and rebooted to make sure it wasn’t a completion of update process…still no funciona. :frowning:

Hi, do you have latest version of internet explorer? Also are you able to paste links into that or into word/outlook (or anything else from Microsoft).


Howdy John (or Jan?..sorry–a bit confused by which, my apology!),

I’m using Google Chrome, as well as Firefox. Should I be using IE?

I am able to paste URLs, as well as text / photos, in for example my Volusion email, which is running on Chrome. In eM Client, I can paste both text and photos from a website, but still today no URL–so that appears to be it: no URL pasting into eM Client.

I appreciate your help, John / Jan!

EcoEnclose LLC

Hi Dave,

eM Client is using IE to show the contents of e-mails.

By the way, you can add/insert a URL to an e-mail by clicking on a certain button in the e-mail window.

screen shot:

Howdy Hans,

I appreciate your insight–that is a great tool on the bar. However, when I go to use it, it opens a dialog box which asks you to either paste in a URL / text or Browse for one. Pasting doesn’t work in the dialog box, either! And when you go to browse for what you want, it’s not browsing on the Internet, but rather in your computers file system. So nothing doing on your idea for me, unfortunately. However–THANK YOU for responding!! I do hope someone comes up with something soon…my guess is it’s some incompatibility between Windows 8.1 OS (which yes, I am on) and the new eM Client.

For what it’s worth (probably nothing), I can copy and paste URLs freely, without using the toolbar button. I’m on Windows 7 and I avoid IE like the plague: never use it, not updated to latest version.

That’s how it has been for me until a couple of days ago…it remains solely an issue with eM Client, alas. I can copy & paste URLs anywhere else. I’ve come up with a work-around using WordPad, but now I have a two-step process–copy URL into WordPad and then copy from WordPad and paste into the eM Client, which works. But I’d like to not have to use two steps ad infinitum.

Hi Dave,

I am able to copy URL’s in the dialog which shows up when you click on the URL button in the window to edit a new e-mail.

I’m also using Windows 8.1 and the latest version of eM Client (6.0.19861.0).

You can copy URLs to eM Client when you copy the URL from WordPad?

Where do you copy the URL from when the URL can not be pasted into eM Client? From the address bar in Internet Explorer for example?

Hi ‘em Client user’,

eM Client is using IE to show text of e-mails, so by definition you will use IE if you use eM Client.

Hi Hans,

Well, of course, but I was just saying I don’t like it or use it as a browser. The Windows OS itself has all kinds of code built in to support both IE and Outlook specifically, but if I don’t have to look at them I don’t care, lol.

Hans–muchas gracias for your continued thoughts, sir :slight_smile:

Indeed, I copy directly from the Google Chrome browser bar where the URL is and attempt to paste it into the body text area of an eM Client email. No dice, alas! Even when I use the Insert Link tool (or from the dropdown menu under Tools), nothing happens–I can’t paste the URL address into the Insert Link dialog box either.

This goes back to my response to John Galis from eM Client–do I have to use Internet Explorer now as my browser? The only thing I can think of at this point–and I have no other issues manifesting themselves in any other operations on this computer–is that some strange issue is happening between Windows 8.1, Google Chrome, and eM Client whereby URLs aren’t being “read” by the copy action and so nothing is pasting because it’s not copying to begin with.

I’d love to hear back from John Galis or someone at eM Client as well! And thanks again to you Hans for trying, sir!

Hi Dave,

I did read somewhere else that a person is not able to copy the URL from Google Chrome…and if he’s not able to copy it, then it can also not be pasted of course… :slight_smile:

Can you copy the URL from the address bar in IE or Firefox?

eM Client 6 + Firefox26 on a W7pro SP1 machine. Copy/paste URL’s works without a glitch.

Hi, could I ask if you still experience your issue? If not are you composing emails in HTML or plaintext?


Hans–my apology for the dealy in getting back to you. It still wasn’t working at that time. However–and it’s not clear to me how–in the past couple of days it has begun working again! I didn’t do anything differently, but now again at last I can copy & paste URL’s into an eM Client email :slight_smile: Muy muy bien! My only guess is that some version of either Chrome or Firefox or even my Windows 8.1 has received an update and now all functions smoothly.

I hope all is well with you, and I appreciate your time spent trying to help me, sir, wherever in the world you may be!

–Dave Kimmett
Longmont, Colorado, USA


I appreciate your revisiting of my issue! Indeed, as I commented above just now to Hans, in the past couple of days, the problem has resolved itself–I don’t know how, since I haven’t done anything in particular myself to solve it :slight_smile: Up until this past Friday, I still was using my workaround of copying into WordPad, then recopying from WordPad into my eM Client email. This morning, upon receiving your email, I tried again, and voila! All is well. So perhaps something on the eM Client side has changed, or as above, perhaps one of the updates that came down the pike in the past couple of days has done something. Regardless it works now.

Again, thanks for following up! A fine day to you, wherever you may be.

–Dave Kimmett
EcoEnclose LLC
Longmont, Colorado

Hi Dave,

I expect a Windows Update (probably related to Internet Explorer) has solved your issue.

I’m on the other side of the world compared to you…in China.

Likely so…regardless, it’s functioning, so that’s great. Say howdy to China for me, Hans…I do hope all is well there with you!

Ok, thank you for update about your issue :slight_smile: