URGENT: Did not receive license code for Pro after purchasing! Trial has now expired so company not receiving or sending emails!!!

URGENT:  Did not receive the license code for Pro. Trial has now expired so our company not able to send nor receive emails! Is no human available at eM?  No chat, as well?  No tech support via email?


Please write to  sales@emclient.com

Should really have done this before the license expired.
You had 30 days - why have you not contacted them before ?
Did the confirmation end up in Spam ?

Thanks, Digger. I did check, not in spam. There was no problem with the process and it said everything was done and I would be receiving an email. I checked my other desktop, laptop, and phone. No mail came.

With no one to talk to, online chat, or even email. I now have to consider NOT using such an essential program for business with a company that has no tech support. Considering this is not free (which I totally am fine with) no support kills this. I need to look at Proton Mail. 

“Help” button does not list any tech support to contact in any manner.

You can request again the activation codes by going to https://emclient.com/lost-activation-key?lang=en, enter the email address you used to register the product and they will resend it.

In addition , support is available via  https://support.emclient.com/index.php

But Sales should have responded in a reasonable time sales@emclient.com
and should’ve been contacted within 3 days of the purchase - 5 days max.
You owed that to yourself and your company.

For myself I don’t wait that long - I jump immediately on it.
If no satisfaction, I’ll report them to the BBB. or any other agency that deals with these matters…

In addition, dispute the charge via your Credit Card Company.

Thanks, Jay and Digger. Looks like it went through this time. I did not hear from Sales but I did it to go through. I tried the lost activation code but they said our email didn’t exist so something odd happened. 

Jay, where do you see the support link? Thanks for sending that. 

Is this a RingCentral company?

My guess is that you typed in your email address wrong at the time of registration.  The support link Digger provided was for Pro support (paid version), for which you would qualify.  On their website go to support/pro support.  Their pro support is typically very good with responses generally within a business day.

For whatever reason - my link to support no longer resolves and I get a 404 error
here it is again  https://support.emclient.com/index.php?

Same thing happens with this one, An unknown and unwanted script appears after I post the clean link https://support.emclient.com/index.php?_ga=2.186607401.1602141631.1540474361-487238239.1537334774

“_ga221585154316021416311540474361-4872382391537334774” SWIFT App does not exist

I get a 404 and instruction to go to the Help Desk and that resolves OK…


if you need help with your PRO licence, please contact us directly at support@emclient.com or markosky@emclient.com.