Uploading item to folder failed with an error: Entry does not have any fields set

I regularly get this error:

An error ocurred
Uploading item(s) to folder ‘<my_email>@gmail.com/Contacts/’ failed with an error: Execution of request failed: https://www.google.com/m8/feeds/groups/default/full (Entry does not have any fields set)

How do I prevent this?</my_email>

Hi Oliver, seems like you’re trying to upload an empty contact to your server, which seems to be forbidden or can’t be processed by the server, right click on your “Contacts” folder, go to the folder properties and try to repair the folder, this should re-sync the folder with your server, hopefully getting you rid of the invalid item.

I am not sure I can risk this as none of the contacts are in my Google contacts. They were originally imported from Outlook contacts when I moved to emClient. So there seems to be a risk I will lose all my contacts if I do this. Are there other options? eg How do I know which contact(s) have the problem with the missing fields?

Hi again Oliver, the issue is with your Gmail contacts folder, so the invalid item must have been moved to the Google “Contacts” folder, please repair this folder. This folder should be automatically synchronized with the mail server, unless all the items synchronized with the folder were showing issues, in such case backup the folder and then perform the repair option.