Upload error to contacts

In addition - virtually all of my contacts are duplicated now.
I am also getting a warning triangle saying connection failure.
What a bag or worms.

Still no response from anybody - including eMClient support.
Looking at alternatives now.

@ Compo

Hi Dave, 

The “problem” such as it is with regards to the forum. is that this is a User Forum.
You’ll may get a response if a user knows the answer.
eMC support occasionally respond to some queries, but generally is only available
to Pro users.

I only responded because of your concerns and don’t blame you for your feeling.
I don’t know the answers, but will refer you to an old post - which I seldom do,
because things change over time.
See if this might help you:


I have tried the ‘repair’ process mentioned in the link, but it is not having any effect at correcting the problem. I have a red triangle against the folder in the folder list which suggests a connection error, but all other functions (calendar; email etc.) seem to be working correctly.

Yes, the red icon means there is a connection issue. Look in Menu > Tools > Operations, and there will be some error in the Log tab.

Above you said there was no response from eM Client Support. That is unusual. Log in to your Pro User support page and change the priority of the ticket from low to medium. They are closed for the weekend, but you should get a response on Monday.

I have been trying to assess eMClient as a replacement for Outlook 2007 (which I know is out of service). I took the ‘free’ option with a view to purchasing a full licence but have had so many problems one way or another that i have not yet been satisfied that it is a worthwhile investment - hence no Pro login available.
I also tried Thunderbird, but that also has shortcomings.
I am now weighing up whether to purchase Outlook 365.
Meanwhile I am now also having problems synchronising calendar (as well as contacts) particularly with recurring appointments.

Well, you said you had no response from Support, so if you have no Pro License, how did you submit a ticket to eM Client Support? 

eM Client had issues with Google, but with recent releases I find no problems syncing Google Calendars or Contacts. In fact I had changed calendar provider some years back particularly because of eM Client’s known issues with Google Calendar. Recently I added a few Google Calendars just to see if this has changed, and I no longer have those issues.

Update to Friday’s release, which you will find in the Release History, and see if there is any difference.

Otherwise, if you want help, please provide the errors from the Operations Log, and explain exactly what the issue is with syncing recurring appointments.

Thanks for the quick reply. I thought I was getting through to support rather than a forum - my mistake. (Apologies to eMClient for the slur!)
When I look into HELP > Licence, I see my ‘free’ version is dates 25/4/2019 but when I look for updates, it returns ‘No updates available’. How do I get the latest version? That could well solve my problems.

You will find it in the Release History. Download it and install it.

OK. So I downloaded the latest version, installed it and re-booted. Everything appeared normal and it said the installation had completed successfully BUT …
When I checked the version level under HELP it was still showing the old April version and the problem I am having with synchronising contacts is still there. See the screen shot below.
![](https://d2r1vs3d9006ap.cloudfront.net/s3_images/1816218/RackMultipart20191202-72279-14dxmlw-EM_Client_error 1 inline.JPG?1575287018 “Image: https://d2r1vs3d9006ap.cloudfront.net/s3_images/1816218/RackMultipart20191202-72279-14dxmlw-EM_Client_error__1__inline.JPG?1575287018”)

I am grateful for your help.

There is a difference between the date the license was issued, and the application version.

The version number is in Menu > Help > About.

Anyway . . . 

Best way forward I think it to remove this account from eM Client, then add it again. To do that go to Menu > Tools > Accounts and click on the bin icon next to the account. Then add it again by clicking on the + icon, enter the email address and follow the wizard.

See if that helps.

Nope. It did seem, briefly, to update a test contact that I added, but immediately after it was back to the same sync. messages as before.
There must be something fundamental that I am missing, if it works OK for everybody else  … but what?
The email address I am using is: dave@compton-family.eu (not a gmail address) - but has all worked before. I just cannot understand why, for the last month or so, it has stopped working. I don’t know what might have changed.
I really appreciate your help.

Who is hosting the email address?

1and1 - (www.ionos.co.uk)
How might this affect what is happening?

Sometimes there are know issues with some providers, so knowing who it is might help.

Are your contacts setup with CardDAV? Where did you get the CardDAV url from?

What is CardDAV?
All I know is that I either enter contact detail into eM Cient or into my Android phone and the change (or new entry) is reflected in the other. I think it goes through Google, like the calendar, but this is an area I know very little about.