Upgraded version

Two things
1)Today my email started to respond back to me
(SMTP) Cannot send message. (email recipient not accepted by the server).
However, the email seems to send (I sent one to my work and it was received promptly.
The box will only keep adding every email I send.

2)Where do I learn how to operate this new version. Trying to edit my logins. Thought I would only have to right click on the name of the login and then click edit. But that only gives me options for Log In…Go Fill…Go to.
Where do I go to reach the edit screen?

Thank you anyone!!

A good start is the Help File (F1). It is a bit outdated but the concepts are the same.

You can also try:

Editing login options is explained in the Help File here.

This means that an email address is not accepted by the server. If you keep getting the error, the message may be stuck in the Local Folder Outbox, so delete it. If you cannot see Local Folders, you can enable them in Menu > Settings > General > Show Local Folders.