Upgraded to version 6 and lost Mail

I’ve upgraded to version 6 today and lost all my mail folders. There is a mail_data.dat (177MB) file in C:\Users\Julie\AppData\Roaming\eM Client but the software is not picking it up even though this is the file path listed under Tools/Settings/Storage.

Thanks for any help.


Hi Julie. I’m having the exact same problem. I upgraded to version 6 and open the eM Client, all emails are gone. Except to stay in the inbox. My mail_data.dat (C:\Users\Janilson\AppData\Roaming\eM Client) is to 1.746GB. This gives me hope I will get recover my data.

I am concerned, has too much work and too much time there. Never again I will update again eM Client. How can release an update with a bug so serious?

Please, someone help me!

ps. I am use Windows 7 x64.

Hi, can I ask you what protocol and what emails service provider do you use? I need to be sure that this issue is same like other users has.


If you nned more info about this problem, Im glad to help you out. I got 2 computers win7 x64 and win 8 x32. both had the same issue with pop3 accounts.

I’m using Window 8 x64 and my ISP is Virginmedia.

I’ve tried uninstalling and then re-installing eM Client and also repairting the mail database. All to no avail.

I finally found an OK solution by deleting my virgin account from eM Client, reinstalling it and re-downloading all messages from the Virgin POP3 webmail server.

This has only been possible because I leave messages on the server after download to the eM Client so it won’t work for those who don’t have this option.

Hi. I’m using Win7 x64. The protocol is Pop3, and provider is Gmail.

This video shows the behavior of the bug after upgrading to version 6:

(I am use: Win7 64bits, Gmail, Pop3)

Right now im using version 5.0.19406 till they fix this problem.

Hi Luiz Fernando Mendonca.

I uninstalled version 6 and re-installed version 5.0.19406. It worked perfectly! Now I have my emails back! :-).

I thought about doing this, but feared that the database mail is corrupts or something. Many thanks for the tip!

From now on I will not have any hurry for updates. ^ ^

This should be resolved in newest version - http://www.emclient.com/dist/v6.0.197…

please let me know if this has worked for you and use File - Backup before update to keep your data safe.


This fixed the problem in both win7 x64 and win8 x32. Thanks for the fast response.

Yeah! Now it works perfectly! Thanks for the speed to reply!

You are much welcome :slight_smile:


Just to let you know i updated to latest version when it prompted me and lost all folders etc as above …and freaked!! …but updated to version above and all folders visable again …so thanks for quick fix :slight_smile:


you are welcome :slight_smile: