Upgraded to v.8 can I still use existing eM Client free activation key from v. 7.2?

I don’t want the 30 day free Pro trial that comes with v8 I prefer to immediately use the free version 8 without the pro options.
Where can I insert my eM Client activation key from v7.2 to immediately go to the free version?
Does the v7.2 activation key work with v8?
Do I have to click on deactivate in the license and then put in my old v7.2 activation key?

When I upgraded to v8 I did not deactivate v7.2 will my free activation key still work?

If you go to Menu > Help > License, does it say it is activated or not? If it is activated, then there is nothing further you need to do.

If it is not activated, click on the Activate button, and paste in your previous Free License key. It will work with version 8.

Thanks Gary for your response.
It shows license type: Free (V8 Trial until 7/26/20)
Below the license type there is a button, it says ‘Deactivate’

Do I assume it is activated and after 7/26/20 I will have to paste in my old free key to maintain its use?
If I deactivate it and paste in my old free version key will I be able to bypass the 30 day free trial and go to the non-pro version immediately?

I understand there was some issue with the license server at the time version 8 was released. It may be because of that. Or it may be something from the upgrade.

I did take an old Free License from years back and activate version 8 using that key, and it worked correctly. So you can try that. Deactivate, then Activate, and paste your key.

Gary you are 100% correct…I deactivated the 30 day trial Pro license, then pasted in the old license, re-activated and I have now bypassed the 30 day Pro trial and am using the free version.
Again, thank you!

Hi there,
I’m using EM since 2016 and I’m happy with it.
Unfortunately there was an upgrade to V8 … After being through the upgrade procedure I realised that there are problems with sending and receiving e-mail though diagnostics show “ok”
I checked my settings and found an information about running V8 Trial version of EM Client which I’m not interested … I’d like me old free licence back :))
I changed my computer some time ago and didn’t make copy of the first licence information. Deactivating and reactivating (lost licence procedure) showed no impact, there is still V8 Trial running.

Please help! I need me EM client back

The trial version is the same as the Pro version, so no restrictions. :wink:

But to use your Free License, go to Menu > Help > License. If there is a Deactivate button, click on that first. Otherwise just click on Activate and paste in your Free License key.

I don’t get it. Everytime (!) you upgrade your software there is something that’s going wrong.
Now I get a message about possible temporary SMTP server unavailability.
When trying delete current account I’m set up, becouse I could lose all my emails.
I’m trying to stay polite really … Meanwhile I cant send or receive emails…

Any suggestions?

BTW is there anything wrong with supporting Polish language in your V8?

That didn’t work for me as all it did when I put in my old activation key was revert to the free till 7/30/20.