Upgrade to version 8 licence problem

On behalf of user b_s_trenbath@hotmail.com I upgrade their emclient to V8 and the licence has changed to Free(V8 trial until 14/09/2020) What does this mean? Is it no longer free and now free trial?
Appreciate clarification and how to ensure it is still free.

V8 when it first came out had trail(Beta) period where it was opened up as a PRO version, once that period ended and you did not purchase a PRO upgrade or your V7 license was the Free version, it reverted back to Free.

Hope this helps…

Many thanks Lonnie. Updating currently will still cause the concerning note against licence. I do hope that reversion to Free will happen as I support a number of elderly retirees. Hoping I will not have to change all their email clients.

They have 2 articles about it which might answer your question


Many thanks Hope777 informative and helpful response.

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