Upgrade to Version 7 is a BIG MESS

Going from v6 to v7 is riddled with problems. v6 was stable and no issues but if I try to upgrade it wipes out most of the emails then when I try to do a restore it wipes them all out and I have no emails at all. Connectivity is also a problem.

I have Windows 7 and it doesn’t matter what version of 7 I try to install.

Wanted to upgrade but at this point why bother unless someone can tell me how to correct this. only reason was I wanted to use the pro version but no way I am going to do this now.

Exactly why I  have been holding off. Hear nothing but grief with 7, but then some satisfied users too, so ???  6 is very solid for me beyond slow down-load for fresh email in the AM. Takes maybe 5 or more min for it all to come down while Apple mail  on iPhone seems near immediate, and it’s an email client too, so I don’t get why eMC should struggle. Suggestions on this forum did not help. My “fix” has been to go to Yahoo/ATT webmail first thing, as it’s instantaneous. Then once eMC has collected itself, I use that the rest of the day.

As the database format is completely new in version 7, you can’t restore emails from version 6, you have to do an import.  When upgrading, you are given the opportunity to import but many people miss this.  After the install, you can go to menu/file/import and select eM Client 6.

On the connectivity problem, what problems are you getting?  Are there error messages? Can you supply a screenshot?

On “connectivity” not sure if you are referring to my post of slow uploads of new email. I have 6meg internet running usually at 7meg and in the AM it seems to take forever for email to populate, up to 5 min. Finally the headers arrive but no content then some minutes later the content comes straggling in. No error messages and when I check Operations, it just says “Loading, loading, etc…”.   I’ve been using eMC for 10 yrs or so and do not recall this long lag in the early years. On latest version of 6.xxx now.  My internet is AT&T.  I posted about this months ago and someone from eMC suggested I adjust the “Synchronize every x minutes” setting but that changed nothing. I stretched it way out, shrunk it back to 5 min…nothing.

One thing I do not get is, I have a lot of IMAP folders, many dozens that I do not touch for months if years, yet it wants to try to sync these constantly. That does not seem very efficient. Is that right? There should be a way for it to know a folder is static and does not need a sync. Maybe that’s the problem. With each new  batch of emails it’s also trying to sync 50 some odd static folders.

The synchronize every XXX minutes option really only applies to POP3 accounts.  IMAP and Exchange mail is pushed to eM Client when received by the server.

My suggestion is to archive your older emails which will move them to a local folder and will no longer need to go through as many emails to synchronize in each folder.

Also, 6-7 Mb is not very fast.

Thanks for reply! I’m stuck with the 7 meg from ATT (only paying for 6, lucky me), but will try archiving some folders. I have so many in nested local folders as it is (more than I can count) making some hard to find, thus my tendency to keep quite a few at the top of the screen in IMAP.

Would this change with v7? The time for IMAP email to fully come down?  Also, if I try 7 and don’t like it, is there a gotcha going back to 6? I understand that I’d have to export/import all my email. One reason for the foot dragging is the big pain conforming with Apples “app specific” password requirement for syncing between eMC and the Apple world. 

On that note (export/import), is this just the local folders since the IMAP stuff remains on the server for 7 to find and bring down after the switch-over? Or does it? My understanding from observation between the iPhone and eMC on the PC is that IMAP includes not just INBOX but SENT, DRAFTS, JUNK, TRASH.  I just did a reply this AM on the phone and was pleased to see it in my PC’s SENT folder within a few minutes. Very cool, but all  you have to do to break that is absentmindedly turn off “two factor authentication” on the iPhone/iPad to break it. I had trouble at first remembering the connection. For eMC to sync with iPhone, you must have two factor authentication enabled with iCloud which is a big pain with the phone at the opposite end of the house from the PC. What a convoluted mess, but at least when properly configed. eMC and Apple do play well together. Unlike Amazon, Google and Apple for streaming video.

Oh, one gotcha with moving more IMAP folders to Local is they will no longer be visible from ATT/Yahoo webmail. I use this often when eMC is too slow and driving me nuts. I jump back and forth. Would probably drop eMC if I could get the Yahoo webmail calendar to sync with iCloud. Seems to be no way to do so. Not sure about contacts either. I need everything to sync like eMC does. I know I can manually export/import contacts to Yahoo but doing that manually every few days to sync-up is not practical.

Version 7.2 is a complete mess. The client gets aborted with error (shared numerous times with EmClient Team) and then takes minutes to reload after fixing issues. When i quickly scroll through the mails by pressing down arrow, the problem becomes a nightmare and it crashes to be restarted again taking atleast 5-10 minutes.
I want to buy pro, but not if these problems persists. Planning mailbird instead, please support.

Stories like this are why I stick with v6. Maybe I’ll move to 7 when v10 is released. :slight_smile:

All-- I have never experienced the problems with eM Client version 7.2 that any of you have experienced, so it is hard for me to comment.  I will say, however, that any database tends to be very disk intensive, so if you have a slower mechanical disk (say 5400 rpm that go into many laptops to this day), performance will suffer.  I have never had many crashes.  Speed is always good.

That being said, there is a downgrade path if you chose to go from v. 7 back to v. 6.  The upgrade does NOT alter the database, it imports it and creates a new one.  The original v. 6 database will be left on your system.  If you uninstall v. 7, and reinstall v. 6, you should be back where you were at time of upgrade.

Ok, this is good news. The ease of going back, that is. Since I like to tinker on my computer and am a risk-taker I’ll give it a shot when I can find the time.

I used to wait a couple years before upgrading Windows from 98 to XP to  7 (skipped 8), but went to Win10 on day zero, and it paid off. Love it.

Am I correct that you do not work for eMC and are just an experienced user? Thanks for your many replies, this helps fill the void when their tech support do not reply. With probably 10’s of thousands of users, I don’t know how they could address but a small fraction if issues. I’ve replied to some interesting complaints to be cc’d on a response, but never hear back from most.

PS: I have an SSD for “C” so drive speed should not be an issue.

When I do an export in order to move to v7 what format to I select? . emi, .vcf, etc…

And, I assume I have to export all IMAP folders not just INBOX?

Also, please see my earlier post on how to archive a group of IMAP folders at once vs one at at time. I’m guessing there’s no way.

Thanks Jay!

Hi-- yes I am just a user, not associated with emc.  Happy to help.

You don’t need to export.  The upgrade routine will prompt you to import.  Again, if you miss it during the install, after the upgrade you can go to menu/file/import and select eM Client 6.

Ok, thanks. I thought early after v7 was released people were having problems because they did not properly export their previous data.  

I’m sure many will agree that your assistance is greatly appreciated!

Thank you for chiming in on our problems. 

BTW, I did another export of just the INBOX and it took forever, but did complete. I do have a lot of email however. I guess it does not like to do it all in one swell fwoop, or, extrapolating from how long just the INBOX took, maybe it should take a long time for thousands of emails and over 50 folders. Anyway, as you say, not necessary for a move to v7.

There is no option to import when you do an install. Also after installation I see  menu/file/import and then select eM Client 6 but was unable to import, I have a POP3 account not IMAP so I have local files

Luckily I have a program where I can restart my computer and have it restored prior to this piece of crap v7 installation. Nothing works it is bad.

I am sticking with v6 maybe it gets better with later versions who knows but for me it’s not working but v6 works smoothly,

The option to import during the upgrade process is there, but apparently easy to miss.  Also the import routine _ DOES _ import local folders, but make sure they are set to display at menu/tools/settings/general and check “Show local folders”