Upgrade to pro message problem?

I have an elderly client who has successfully registered her free version to use her one working email account.
However she keeps getting the message in regard to having to upgrade to the pro version because she has imported email from old account that no longer works.
I’m stumped as to how to resolve this problem and would appreciate some help for her

Hi Barrett,
could you please get a screenshot of the prompt to upgrade to PRO version? Because it should not ask her to do so, unless she broke our policies. Has she activated her account inside eM Client in Help > License?


Hi Olivia,
Thank you for your reply.
I will try and get a screenshot of the message from my client, I’m absolutely sure that she has not broken your policies as I assisted her to set up the software and she is only using one email account.
I also made sure that the account has been appropriately activated i.e. help – license.
Should we try an uninstall/reinstall of EM client?

Thank you for your help.

Hi Barrett,
until I know what the error looks like, I can’t say if reinstalling would help anything at all.
Are you sure she is not just getting the advertisement banner to upgrade to PRO license?
Did she activate her license at more than one device?
Have you tried checking her license through our licensing server at licensing.emclient.com?