Upgrade to IMAP then import from POP3?

Hi there,

I recently upgraded my Email account from POP3 to IMAP. As a result, all of my POP3 emails are currently stored in a eM Client backup file (stored as .DAT files in my Dociments/eMclient folder).
I’d like to import these into my IMAP mailbox, but cant see how? If I try to restore the emails, it overwrites my IMAP settings and returns my email to POP3 setup?
Is there a simple, straightforward and non-technical way to do this - I don’t want to lose either any of my old emails - or any of my new ones…?

Can you see the POP3 emails in EMC? If you can then try to drag and drop them to your IMAP folder of choice. Try it with one or two first to satisfy yourself it can work.

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