Upgrade Problems

Automatic Updates. Received Update Notice on 2/10/17. Update to 7.0.27943.0 and 7.0.27804.0

Downloaded updates and it requested email user name and password for company website hosting provider.

Email user name and password entered but it would not accept. Checked user name and password to make sure it was correct. eM Client would never accept. All folders and email on eM Client disappeared. Ended up using system restore to restore to point prior to update. I use eM Client on 3 computers. 2 are paid subscriptions 1 is using free trial version. Waiting to update until I can find a solution to update problems.

Hello Jack,

We’re sorry for only getting back to you now, we’d suggest using the Pro users support system to get your issue resolved with priority.

Did you migrate your data from the previous version 6? After installing eM Client 7 you should be asked whether you want to import your data from eM Client 6 in the automatic import wizard but you can import them any time using the File - Import - Import from eM Client 6 option.

If you’ve already done that but it didn’t resolve your issue, could you please send me a screenshot of the window that popped up? Are you getting any errors/messages? If it is so, could you please send me a screenshot of the messages/errors that the program displays and also the log from the tab Log in the Operations window (Menu->Tools->Operations)? Just select all with Ctrl+A, copy it into a .txt or .doc file and send it to hester@emclient.com with a link to this thread.

Thank you,