Upgrade or switch what has been improved?

I would like to know what has been improved in the latest V6 version. I have several issues some of which are deal breakers and these are:

  1. Super Fast Search is horribly slow - this just keeps coming back
  2. Fonts being cut and paste from web pages are erratic and actual delivered result often bears no resemblance to what appears on the email editor

also would very much like:
The signature button is next to the send button as result too many emails go unsigned
search inbox default to Sender and search outbox defaults to Recipient
Forward as Original - retains recipients info
improved table editing eg: delete row or column
source view and maybe edit to fix glitches that can’t be fixed with editor


we currently do not provide any detailed information about 6th version as it was not released to beta testers, yet.

In the past I have sent some setup files to some users, but it was because of some missing features and only for that version I have sent.

Anyway 1) I myself run on 6th version and it is as fast as in 5th version - have you made any changes?
2) this is issue in older versions of 6th release and it was repaired.

But as I have written 6th version is supposed to go beta next week so issues are expect to be there.

with regards