upgrade install from 7.1.31849.0 to 7.1.32088.0

This is the first time that i have this, when i try to upgrade install from 7.1.31849.0 to 7.1.32088.0.
I got the choice repair/remove/cancel i just want to upgrade and there is nothing wrong with my current install.what can i do ?

This happens when the installed version and the installation file are for the same version.

Go to http://www.emclient.com/release-history, and download the latest version. It is easy to make this mistake as the files are always called setup.msi. They should rather be labelled by version number,

so version 7.1.31849.0 is the same as  7.1.32088.0 .???
then the installer file you can download is a old one

No the two versions are different.

You can check which version you have installed by going to Menu > Help > About.

If you are on a prior version, you can download the latest version on the web http://www.emclient.com/dist/v7.1.32088/setup.msi

I checked and this is 7.1.32088. You can check by right-click on the setup.msi file and in details you will see that the origin content created date is 26 January.

this is my installed version.
your link is not the same as the download button
your link works for upgrade so em forgot to change there latest installer
thanks for the link

My “Check for Update” says there is no available update, and my “About” shows 7.1.318490.  Will use the link Gary provided.  Thanks for the discussion about this, guys.  :slight_smile:

They don’t always push all updates to users.  This update, I think, only had to do with Italian language.  Also, they may not push update to all users at once to avoid overload of their servers.

Awe, makes perfect sense.  Hope I don’t just get Italian language updates from now on, since I’ve installed that (the latest) version now.  :) 

I always install the latest version, just in case something has been fixed they don’t document.  No, you won’t just get Italian updates from now on…ciao.


Yes you don’t have to push all updates but,

Then you don’t have to change the release info,

And there is a diff between push and download the latest vesion.

If you see a diff at release history then i expext to download the latest version follow that release history.
With other words if i download from site i expect the latest version is not the same as push

If you mean the version that you get if you just press download (not on the revision history page) is not the latest version, you appear to be correct.  Based on the date, it appears to be 31849.  Have no idea why.

I was responding to mustangace’s question as to why the new version didn’t show up when he selected menu/help/check for updates.

I just always go to the revision history page as I know the latest version is always there.