Upgrade from version 9.0.1708 to version 9.2.1222

I installed the free version of eM Client 9.0.1708 on two personal computers both with windows 10. On one of the two PCs eM Client offered me the update to version 9.2.1222 which I performed without problems. On the other PC, the update to the new version is not proposed to me. If I check the updates from Menu>Check Updates, the “No new updates available” popup does not come out. How come?

You can grab the current update HERE

Probably because they don’t push the update all out at once to all clients, and instead use a staggered approach. As mentioned you can download directly at the provided link above. Otherwise I am sure at some point the other client install will see the update also.

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I had already downloaded the update file, but my fear is that updating it that way could make me lose the configurations.

It is the only way I do upgrades. Be sure to do an eMC backup prior to running the upgrade.


To make a backup first of eM Client before upgrading as @sunriseal advised above, in eM Client for Windows click “Menu / Backup”. You can see when the backup is completed via “Menu/ Operations”.