Upgrade from eM Client 6 to eM Client 7

I have eM Client 6 in use. Now I would like upgrade to the Final version 7. Because I have several accounts, even an Exchange-Account as well, must I pay attention for some special hints?

Sorry, is my question so unnecessary, that there is no need for an answer? :slight_smile:

Interesting question.  Is there a guide somewhere for upgrading from v. 6 to v. 7?

You will need to purchase a NEW PRO license to do this. I just ran into this.

Apparently as I followed the pricing now listed on the site, by now I mean since I baught my license, not to terribly long ago. Buy this license a $.01 or so more than a Pro license. http://www.emclient.com/lifetime-upgrades?lang=en

It’s pretty clear on the website that there’s a cost. I’ve already paid it. I haven’t installed it yet, however, 'cause I’m not quite sure how complicated a process it is. Just now, I don’t have a lot of time to mess around with software.  So I was looking for a technical guide.

Run the installer, provided all goes well it will import from previous versions, and then run app as normal. I dont work here just google’d, hope it helps m8

I have upgraded a couple of machines and it was flawless and quick. These were all with gmail (imap) accounts, Those that had trouble tended to be with non-gmail accounts, particularly Hotmail and Outlook.com.

Thanks to all. My question was not related to pricing or license, myself I have a lifetime license, it is related to technical issues. But so I will try to start the installation.

But it would have been nice, if an official had answered as well!

Ok! I just made the Upgrade from 6 to 7. Everything went well! I have one Exchange, two Google, six IMAP Accounts and an Version 6 Archive! The Lifetime license has been accepted without any Problems.

Lucky.  I am not so fortunate. The install of em 7 worked in all appearances. It then restarts emClient 7 and I get a message saying it needs to update my old mail. I click ok.

eM Client opens, and from what I can tell all my accounts and folders are there. It then  tells me that the identity of one of the accounts can’t be verified, and brings up the error message: “Going offline. This operation may take a while to complete.” I have let it run for several days, eventually forced it to quit and tried again, but I keep getting the same problem.

Task Access in windows shows the emClient is doing nothing.

That was 2 months ago, and I have yet to get any response from emClent.