Updating to newer versions of eClient can reset the L&F of elements in view


Just updated (2022-5-7) and on reload the message view list was 50% larger per item than it was before. It should be relatively simple IMHO (as a Software Developer [largely web-based] of 20+years) as I have had to include such a feature within a release package more times than I’ve eaten Ready Salted crips.


If you mean the spacing between the items in the message list or folder list, it is relatively simple for you to change that in your settings.

Apologies to all, but it was late…

What I meant to say was that it should be relatively simple to keep the Look and Feel chosen by a user across upgrades (unless a feature has been removed of course). In this particular case, it wasn’t the spacing defined for the list (as I haven’t changed that) but rather that after the upgrade the list included “No preview available” for the contents of the emails in the list. This prompted a Help search which gave a solution that was for a previous version - hence the other topic.


The preview lines in the message list is a new feature in version 9. If the first 1-3 lines of the message don’t have text that is previewable, then we display that no preview is available.

You can remove that feature here: