Updating to a New Version Is Stressful!

After receiving a notice that a new version of eM Client is available, I went ahead with the installation. At the end I got some sort of error message saying the program was not shut down correctly and that checks of the database status would be done. After a short period of panic, all the tests were successful, and the new version was up and running. Since I initiated the update from Menu / Check for Update… within the program, I never had the chance to close the program before the update started. Is there a better way to run the update?

(0) I always check for a new version first by visiting this page

If there is a new version available:
(1) Run an eMC backup: MENU > BACKUP
(2) Close eMC
(3) Double-click the new file on the page in step (0) and install.

Never had any problems like those described by others over the last several years.

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Great advice! Thank you. Very timely too, because I plan to update eMC on my wife’s computer tomorrow, and I’ll use that method.

I have had problems when jumping from version 8.x to 9.x.

The latest version wouldn’t recognize the previous version’s backup. So no, backing up isn’t fool proof. I had to re-do my tags, rules, and everything else from scratch. I lost the contents of my Local folders.


You would have had to uninstall v9, install v8 and then restore the v8 backup.

Wow. But how would I know that? Is this something new we must do and ignore the auto-update feature? But the 8x backup didn’t work. Not even importing the Settings .xml did. I had to start fresh.

That’s why now I’m apprehensive in updating.

I am sure there are MANY that take advantage of the "auto-update feature” and are successful, I on the other hand do not. Why? Because I tend to do a lot of reading here in the forums and at times I pick up a pattern(s) that guides me in how I react… “auto-update” is one of them.

Being apprehensive is a good thing and coupled with better preparations will set you up for success.


Indeed. I’m like that now about Windows 11 updates. I wait a long time before updating and use Google to search about any issues with Windows updates before installing.

I don’t recommend anyone do the same because the updates may contain security updates. It’s risk versus benefit. For me, the benefit of stability outweighs the security risks especially since I’m very careful where I go and what I install.