Updating Event Details without Notifying the attendees

Hello all! Say I have created an event and there are 6 attendees. I understand that if I should make changes to the details that an updated email is sent out again to the people that were invited. However, say I made a typo, or just needed add something in the description that really didn’t need to be emailed again to the attendees, is there a setting that can prevent this. OR how does eMClient choose what changes to notice upon saving whether to notify the attendees? Trying to understand the logic here and not send 4-5 emails to all my attendees just because I had made a typo. >.< Thank you!

Hi Alice,

I’m getting a dialog asking whether I want to send an e-mail to the attendees of an appointment when I change an event.

In that dialog I select NOT to send an e-mail.

On this way, it may be interesting to select the recepients of the update:
if meeting time has change, inform all the participants, even those whoe rejected invitation (for initial time)
if just text is modified, inform only participants who accepted or have not answered.
What is your opinion for such an improvement?