Updating changed password

Locked out of emails because I can’t update the email provider’s changed password since Menu; Accounts does not give a Password option (as suggested in “you can enter it manually by going to Menu > Accounts and typing it in the password field.”). I need help.

domingo 18 septiembre 2022 :: 1000hrs (UTC +01:00)

Hey @Sebastian42

You will need to go to Menu ->Accounts and remove the account then add it back again by clicking on Add Account and entering your email address in the automatic setup.

This will setup the account using oAuth, that does not use a username/password in eMC.

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If you don’t have a password option, the account is already setup as oAuth, so doesn’t use a password in eM Client. There is no need to remove the account and add it back again.

If you change the password on the server, there is nothing you need to do in eM Client. That is partly the purpose of oAuth.

Thank you Gary - for saving me that trouble, because there is another layer of complexity involved, that I would rather not engage with.