Updates to EmClient 7?

Were can I find the updates to EmClient 7. 0.26687?

I was last using http://www.emclient.com/dist/v7.0.26861/setup.msi which was sent to me by PM from support over a month ago. That version was compiled on the 18th August. Since then the company has gome hidimg. No participation in this forum, no (published) bug fixes after July 27th, nothing on Twitter or Facebook. I have reverted back to Thunderbird although I payed for emClient, just to be on the safe side.

The bad support (although I’ve got a lifetime license) here and the lack of updates made me stick with version 6.

I’ve updated some weeks ago to version 7 encountered some serious issues with the uprade of my about 80 email rules and reverted back to v6. The missing cooperation between the users and the programmers dealing with wishes and ideas over the last few year is just bloody ignorance.

Since then I regularly monitor this forum and looking for some comments of the previous support staff or anbody else. I noticed that those guys have vanished out of a sudden. Instead some brave remaining users are doing the support job here.

Don’t know what happened with emclient employees, the software itself and whatsoever. Maybe they are out of business already or are selling their company, don’t know, just guessing.
I cannot recommend emclient anymore and thinking about going back to Thunderbird, too.

Does anybody know if CardDav support within Thunderbird still needs this SoGo addon?

Moreover I had some problems with multiple calendars using the same Caldav URL to my local NAS, using Lightning addon. Does somebody use more than one calendars pointing to the sam URL using different accounts/logins?