Updates My eM client keeps showing there is an update available, but when I click on the update "Yes" it disapears and nothing happens.

Not updating

I had the same issue since the use of Windows 10 notifications (system notifications) was implemented.

What just worked for me is that we should tell eM client to use it own internal notifications feature instead of the Windows 10 notification feature:

  1. go to “Menu”, then "Tools, then “Settings, under “General” click 'Notifications”
  2. at the bottom of the window UNcheck the line 'use system notifications". This will DEactivate the Windows 10 notifications and enforce the eM client internal notification that will properly handle the uddates.

This woked for me to update from ver 7.2.35128.0 to 7.2.35595.0.

Now when you go to “Menu”, then “Help”, then “Ckeck Updates”, it will tell you whether there is an update. If so, proceed with the eM client notification box at the bottom right hand of the screen and the update should succesfully install.

Worked for me under Windows 10 version 1809. You might want to give it a try if you have not yet succeeded (apart form reinstalling).

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If the internal update feature does not work, you can always close eM Client and then download and install the latest version available at the release history.

There may also be minor update releases there that are not offered by the internal update feature, and these may have fixes for an issue you are experiencing.