Updated Maximun database size

I am looking at using EM Client within our not-for-profit organization. I came across and old posting in regards to the max DB size being about 1.4GB, however the theoretical maximum of sqlite today is closer to 14TB.

The reason I need to know EM’s limitation is one of our execs has over 14GB of mail in thunderbird right now on Windows Vista (maybe 7) and with Mozilla formally announcing that Thunderbird is no longer a priority and closing the project, I have been tasked to find a suitable replacement. With Outlook being over $150 a copy I need to find a better solution, in comes EM, a perfect application that I am now testing (and works wonderfully) but if it cannot meet the needs of our exects I will need to find a new email client.

Does anyone have a more up-to-date answer in regards to the max db size in version 4?

eM Client is designed for quite large data files and should work with a 14 gigabyte database just fine. On the other hand you must expect a slower
search responses and probably higher load time. We test with 15-30 gigabyte databases and the product is able to handle that.

I am sorry waking up another sleeping post…

Since no one seems to reply my other post and file size is the core problem to my question, which is almost same as this post.



Any suggestions?

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We have tested eM Client with databases up to 40 GB and everything worked without any problems.

Thank you for waking up the post Nippit, it reminded me I had another question about this.

Over the Christamas holidays I tried to import a lesser database, one of the execs has a 7GB mailbox in Thunderbird (The other Exec has the 14GB mailbox)

Upon importing I received an error that it didn’t import everything, as this was abount 3-4 months ago I don;t recall the exact error, but none the less it had problems. Had anyone reported this problem, if so was it fixed in recent updates?