Update v9.0.1708 to v9.1.2082.corrupts archive database and FC

Hi there,

Anyone running into problems updating from v9.0.1708 to v9.1.2082 (or v9.1.2053 for that matter)?

After update the Archive database gets corrupted (definitely only the archive of the databases) and the program won’t start after the dreaded checking database window pops up.

The database check finishes with OK, the checking integrity of database returns error message and stalls program launch.

Removing the Archive database from the database directory makes the updated client work fine.

Uninstalling the client v9.1.2082 and reinstalling v9.0.1708 of course now gives error too, stating that the database is updated to newer version and that it cannot be loaded with an older client.
Only after installing the recovered not updated Archive database, the downgraded eM Client works again.

Have tried update with both v9.1.2053 and v9.1.2082 to no avail.

Hope to hear if any of you has come up with a solution.

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Please upgrade to the latest version in the Release History and see if there is any difference.

Hi Gary,

That did the trick!
Thank you.

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As stated elsewhere I’m having crashes of any versions 9.1.2 when clicking on some links in an email and also crashes on sending an email. I will have to go back to 9.0.1708 if I can.
When the email crashes on sending luckily it’s saved into Drafts and I can retrieve it and past into Windows Mail app to send it.

Hi there,

Same here.
Lots of FC’s when trying to reply to emails.
Rather annoying indeed for a program that is supposed to be sending emails.