Update to version 7 a fiasco or If it isn't broken, break it.

So I went ahead with the update to version 7. All email and contacts vanished. Had to set up “new” account and managed to import my contacts from older vcf file. I got everything more or less working for now, but my trust in this program is gone. Obviously the author of this program got bored and decided to break his program with a new version. It seems that he/she forgot to make the upgrade
part work effectively. If you want to kill interest in a program that you have created, just follow the example of the person that wrote this program.

Hello Win,
sorry to hear you experienced issues with the Upgrade to eM Client 7.
I assure you we have been using and testing version 7 ourselves for months before release.

If you had any data missing, I suspect you skipped the migration of your data from eM Client 6.
This can be fixed by importing through Menu>File>Import>Import from eM Client 6

If you prefer, you can even downgrade back to eM Client 6. The download link is available on our website under the download section, though we plan less updates for this version.