Update to version 5.0.18600.0

We (2) both use the eM Client free. I have it allready for quite a long time. The other was installed a couple of days ago. The last one has got an update today and is now version 5.0.18600.0. The other one (the old one) is version 5.0.18025.0. When I check for an update I am told there is no new update. I know it is not that important but I just wonder what is going on here. Who has an explanation?

I have version 5.0.18379.0 which eM Client claims to be up-to-date. It appears version numbers are all over the map. Perhaps has something do with version and variant of the underlying OS. I am using Win 8 64-bit.

Thanks for your reply.
Version nr. 5.0.18600.0 is used with Windows 7 (64 bit)
Version nr. 5.0.18025.0 is used with Windows 8 (64 bit)


We are planning to release new update today, it will be available gradually to all people over time.

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