Update to 8.1 Broke My Folder Views

When I applied the 8.1.979 update, it broke all my folder views. It took me a while to find & display them again. Updates should not break things!

I also frequently find previously downloaded (off the server) emails become blank for some reason. This is scary because who knows when or where this bug will strike!?

If you upgraded from a eg: much older earlier version of EMC like 6 or 7, GUI things would have been slightly different layout, but if its V8.0 or later normally shouldn’t have really been much differance.

Before you do any new eM Client update (if you don’t already), is always best to do a backup via “Menu / Backup”. That way if something then is not right or goes wrong, you can then always go back to the EMC version you had via the version history page Release History | eM Client and then restore your backup till the problem is fixed.

What version if EMC did you have prior to upgrading ?

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