Update timing & frequency

I have a suggestion/feature request:
When eM Client launches it checks and asks about updating (if available). I would guess 90% of people click no because they have work to do - I’ve done it myself loads of times. So, make the update request when they click close. A quick prompt of ‘It looks like your finished, can we do some updates?’ would probably result in a much faster uptake of the update.

I would like to add: 3 updates within 8 days? I’ve 20 licenses, its too much.

3 updates in 8 days… too much due to some very sloppy work on eM Client updates and quality control issues or lack thereof.

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And the very next day, another update. :man_facepalming:

HAHAHA… when I saw it I thought of you immediately… one of the fixes resolved a very serious issue for me when addressing any type of email (new, reply, forward)… I was unable to address an email unless the email address was in the contacts/address book.

They really need a QA function in their organization… would sure eliminate the “sloppy” reputation that they have garnered with everything v8.