Update Related Issue

I am having some issues when updating to version 7.2.34633.0. Once installed, it no loner acknowledges it’s online at all. It’s not just that it won’t sync with my Gmail account, it also won’t open Contents or Check For Update or anything requiring a web browser. To be clear, I am online and websites work fine, and I can access Gmail through my web browser. To resolve, I had to completely uninstall emClient and reinstall, and then it works fine; to double-check, I again installed the update when prompted, and had exactly the same issue (I’ve now repeated uninstalling and reinstalling, and am back on an older, working version).

I don’t think it’s my antivirus (ZoneAlarm), as it’s set to prompt for emClient and no prompts are appearing; additionally it’s never had problems with updates in the past. Gmail IMAP is set to Enabled. I’m not sure what else to suggest? I’m on a wired ethernet connection, and my licence is still set to Activated.

Any ideas, anyone?