Update popup does nothing on clicking Yes

I keep getting a popup saying that an Update is available and when I click on Yes button, nothing happens even when I wait for hours connected to web. Also, if I  click on More Info button in same update popup, it shows nothing.

This seems like a bug that gives end-user false idea of something that is not even there.
Can someone please explain if this is a bug or I need to do something else?

Seems to be a common problem.  Just go to https://emclient.com/release-history, download and run.

This bug should be corrected, since it causes unnecessary problems for the end users. I did exactly what you said and now it’s updated. Thanks.

This is the first software that I have come across in my entire life where a false update message is shown to end users. All softwares normally have the update functionality well sorted out, so emclient is an exception to this.