Update on calendar

When I have an existing rolling calendar booking and let’s say I want to update the meeting roster with one more person.
Once I add the person to the calendar booking and save it, there is a reminder that says " a change has been made, do you want to send an update?".

Yes normally, I want to update the new person that there is going to be a new meeting in his calendar, but I what I do not want is to update the other 12 persons in the calendar booking with meaningless information.
The consequence of this is I see numerous automatic replies from existing people in the calendar booking who have already confirmed the meeting.
This is quite tedious.
So when I update a calendar booking regarding who is going to attend, how I can avoid it to notify everyone on the roster?
This is a bug.

The event that all the other attendees have also needs to be updated, because you have changed the event. So the changes will be sent to all of them.

Hi Gary
Ok, so how do I update a recurring calendar booking with a new member, but where only the new member gets notified? The others do not need to know. If I changed venue, time, date then yes.

You can’t. You are adding new data to the event so all attendees will be notified that the event has changed.

Ok, its a feature request then in the company’s future strategic updates.
The user can choose if the update is only sent to the person or to everyone since you already give the user the choice to send an update or not.

However, there is one more question I have not checked! If I update the meeting with a new person (that has not received a calendar invitation), will that calendar invitation be sent to the new person?
If yes, then the question that follows after from the system “do you want to send an update, makes much more sense”. Due to that if the new person has received the calendar invite for the recurring meeting, then I can refrain from updating everyone on redundant information.