Update instructions inadequate.

When the update box appears it would save hassle if it highlighted that all data would disappear but could be recovered by following the import menu.Surprised that no one thought of this,so users are left to discover it if they venture onto this forum,whilst worrying at the same time about the loss.I went back to version 6 by using Windows 10 restore so now I’m in a better frame of mind to sort it out.
Otherwise eM works very nicely.

Hello Peter,
during the setup the import from version 6 is checked automatically.
The manual import should be needed only if you skip the default import.
We’re trying to figure out why so many people choose to skip the import, thank you for your feedback on this issue.


Thanks Olivia,
When I accepted the upgrade MSI took over and I don’t remember having any choices/seeing any option boxes.
So I’ll have another go when I next see the upgrade window and use the manual import if necessary.
thanks for the quick response.