Update caused a problem?

Since the last update a few weeks ago, I have been unable to get access to email using em client. Virgin media demands a password, but inserting it only takes me to a page which states the link is invalid. It worked perfectly well prior to the update. How can I fix it? I can still get to the mail via ipad or online at Virgin media, but it is easier normally on the desktop. 

Hello Trevor, sorry to see this, I’m afraid this might be caused by the update of the authentication with Google servers to “OAuth authentication”, you can read more about this new feature on our blog. http://www.emclient.com/blog/em-client-now-features-oauth-authentication-with-gmail-124

Unfortunately Virgin Media accounts are using google’s server but do not include the OAuth authentication method, which may have caused this issue, can you please try to re-setup your account using eM Client, that should allow you to resolve the problem.

Thank you,