UPDATE: can't send email + error message

I am using eM Client version 7.0.27943…0.  When I try to send email  or to reply to _some _emails, not all, I get an error message which says “57.1 [P4] Message blocked due to spam content in the message.”  I have never had this problem before with the recipients to whom I am trying to mail and/or to reply to.  I tried to attach a screen shot here, but this page will not let me “paste” either the screen shot itself or a version that I’ve saved as a WORD document.

I now can’t send ANY emails or reply to ANY emails without getting the dame error message.

Hello Marlene,

It seems like message is refused by your email provider’s server.
Can you try to send messages from webmail and see if it goes trough?
Also if your email contains signature, some attachment or template with link it can cause this issue.
In any case you need to discuss this with your email provider.

I’m having the same problem that started a few days ago.  Trying to send a blank email causes the SPAM message to be displayed.  I can send messages from a different computer that is running the same version of EM Client that is connecting to the same email account.  This would seem to rule out it being a problem with my email provider.

Any ideas?


Servers often flag blank messages as spam. Maybe try sending a normal message and see what happens.

What would help is if you could post the complete error, either the return email from the server or the error which you will find in Menu > Tools > Operations.