Update Announcement Em Client App version;7.235595 is not executing from action center

Hi Everyone,

I have sent out april 29 an online Support Ticket about that i  not receive most of the time an update announcements on the Em Client app on the dutch location,my question were be answered by the support specialist Anthony Cooper he give me some explanations about  the automatic updates announcements on the em client app,he sent me an em client version upgrade from version: 7.2.35256.0 wich would solve the update announcements issue not regarly come to the em client app if there is an update available,i have execute the update and succesfully installed,i received may 16 an upgrade announcement on the action center on my pc not at the application from a availabillity of a new version: 7.235595 wich was available sinds may 11 2019 but if i try to update the app from the action center the upgrade will not execute and i were unable to update em client,i have checked manually for version: 7.2.35595 but i couldn;t find this version on the update history page from em client.
I have set my online support ticket from hold to open with a new reply on may 16 about  my upgrade problem,but i haven;t receive any new reponse back from the support staff.
Can you please sent me a upgrade directlink from version:7.2.35595 of em client.

I just checked again the update release history page from em client  and this time version: 7.2.35595  from may 11 was now visible  if i checked last week the update history page the latest update was not present on the history page,i have succesfully manually upgraded em client to the latest version.
Will the update execute problem from the action center be solved on the dutch location with this update?

Kindly regards,

Geert Van Osch

Hi everyone!
I am having the same problem. When I start em Client (V 7.2.35128.0 running on a German Win 10), there is a Windows notification saying that an update to Version 7.2.35595.0 is available. When I click on the button “Update now” the message disappears, but nothing happens (and, yes, I have waited over 5 minutes for something to happen). This repeats itself every time I start em Client, my windows notification history is now full of em Client entries. I have also tried to update em Client using the Menu Help - Check for updates command, but the resut is the same: nothing happens
Is there a direct download link for the update?
Regards, Bernd
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Hi, Yes try  https://www.emclient.com/release-history?

Looks like update mechanism is still not fixed