Update 9.2.1628 Failing to install

I keep getting a message to upgrade to the 9.2.1628. It appears to download and install but the software remains at the previous release and the message re-appears on next login. This has now happened after multiple attempts to update.

Try this:

Close eMC
Download and run the most current version of eMC from HERE

That seems to have done the trick.

Many thanks.

Hi “sunriseal”
I also had this problem. The update 1628 seemed to download and EMC is working fine. However the version number showing under “About” is 1557?

I asked the following and did not receive a response;
Seeing as how EMC is working okay should I do anythig further?
I did the registry fix to correct the “Auth” situation
In order to run the 1628 update should the registry fix be reversed and the update run again?

Thanking you in advance!

Hi Ricky2,

the fix that sunriseal kindly provided above, worked for me. I did have a bit of a fiddle getting to but it now seems OK and the correct latest version is now showing as installed.
Give it a go.