Update 9.0.x to Version 9.1.2109.0 = Crash when sending mails

I did a update from 9.0.x to Version 9.1.2109.0 and my eM Client crash when sending mails. The update was ok and when i wan to send a mail eM Client crash :frowning:

I can’t rollback because my database was updated to 9.1 (message when i tryied to install 9.0)

Please give us a solution quickly cause like lot of people i’m needing my eM Client to work.

Thank you.

I found a solution.
It was a databe conversion problem.
Uninstalling all and installing again and now it’s ok.
I’m using IMAP protocol so i don’t loose my mails.
Possible to make or integrate a tool for database integrity correction ?
Thank you.

Hi there,

Same here.
Had problems with v9.1.2082 which corrupted the Archive database and made program FC at the dreaded startup splash screen Checking Database. (link to post in this forum here)

As asked by @Gary I updated to latest version v9.1.2106 and that seemed to work. Installation and starting up eM Client worked fine.

Only to find I now cannot send any mail anymore: eM FCs when the Send button is pushed, no matter what the content of the mail is (even simple line of text makes it FC).
Although I do use IMAP, I have the client archive locally after few months so I cannot simply remove the database like you suggest, for that would delete most of my mailing history.

Since not being able to send mail anymore I grew quite desperate.
So I searched around on the Internet and found beta versions 9.1.2124 and 9.1.2125. Both gave the same result of not being able so send mail.

This is rather annoying for a program whose sole purpose is to be able to send mail.

Quite annoying indeed.


After doing extensive testing on freshly installed versions, I think the problem is the database conversion between two versions. I mentioned it earlier in a post.

I’m not a developer, so I don’t have any solutions, but I’m used to managing projects and I can say that it would have been easier for everyone if the database migration was done with an automatic temporary backup of the old one and the new one. That way if a problem arose we would have something to fall back on but it’s too late. Like many I had to start from a freshly installed version to be able to send emails again…

Hi Carmin,

Yeah, that autonomous updating of the database without an option to revert back in case of malfunction of the update, which hapens more often than desirable, is a real pain in the arse.
Hope the programmers will listen to our pleas.


I just hope they learned from this bad experience. If not, it will mean that most of us will be forced to switch to another mail client.

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Please see my post " [eM Client beyond 9.0.1708 has serious crash issues!]"(eM Client beyond 9.0.1708 has serious crash issues!)




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Thank you for your feedback. Many of us have this problem. As I explained above I think it is a database conversion problem between the two versions. Whether you are on Gmail or any other email account it is the same thing the crash is due to the same problem.

You will notice the silence of the support staff. For my part I have not seen any response here or in other posts that talk about this problem. Communication is needed for so many cases like ours.

Step by step tutorial to fix this issue:

  1. Copy this path => C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Roaming, then press Windows Key + R, paste it in the field and press enter.
  2. Locate the “eM Client” Folder and rename it to something like “eM Client Backup”.
  3. Remove eM Client by running the installer exe and click “Uninstall”.
  4. Once uninstalled, install it again by running the same installer.
  5. Now open eM Client and choose the Theme.
  6. When it asks you to add an account, close eM Client
  7. Now go back to your file explorer where you now have an “eM Client” and “eM Client Backup” folder.
  8. Open the “eM Client Backup” folder and copy all files (NOT folders). Their extensions are .dat, .dat-shm, .dat-wal and .xml so literally all files in that folder.
  9. Paste and replace these files in your new “eM Client” folder.
  10. Open eM Client and everything should be back to normal. The e-mails will download again.
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What I allways do before installing any new version is manually backup eM Client via “Menu / Backup” and then copy that backup.zip file to a “different dated folder” in your user profile “Documents / eM Client” folder. Eg: V9.0 backup

That way if something goes wrong you can then just uninstall your newer eM Client version and delete the database when asked on uninstall. Then reinstall your previous version of eM Client from the version history page. Next when the program opens, skip the wizard setup. Then restore your backup via “Menu / File / Restore” from your dated eg: V9.0 backup folder.

Hi there,

Works flawless. Thanks a lot!

Also I can add to the described procedure that when you actually have an archive, the same copy - paste of files from creacted backup folder into new archive folder works to recover your archived mails.