Update 6 to 7

I’m currently running a free version 6.0.24928.0 (Norwegian language). I have noticed that other users have received notifications of automatic updates from 6 to 7. I have checked the Help-Check for updates menu with “no updates available” in return.
Will an automatic update eventually be offered in my case or do I have to download version 7 as a new installation. In the latter case, is my current free license key still valid ?

Hello Arild,
the version 7 upgrade has not been pushed to everyone yet; however, since it’s been officially released, it is available on our website on the download page.
So most users either downloaded it from there or upgraded from the BETA and RC versions of eM Client 7. New license activations also got the version 7 update.
The update will be pushed to all FREE users eventually though, don’t worry.
All FREE license keys are valid for version 7.