upcoming recurring event search

I have some recurring events over different time scales but when I search for a specific one, it doesn’t show the date when the next recurrence will happen, only when it was started, so I have to go into the event, look to see the time scale and then work out in my head when the next time it will occur… Is there an easier way to do that? I checked the column options and there was nothing. Even if I just show my whole agenda the recurrences still show in the older section with no future dates for quick reference. Am I doing something wrong or is it a feature that just doesn’t exist?

Thanks for your help!

Hello Lindsay,

We’re sorry for the inconvenience but this feature is unfortunately not available. Maybe it would be easier to look for the instances of the recurring event through e.g. the Month view, rather than counting to the date where it should occur?

With apologies,

Ok then can I ask what is the point of the agenda if it doesnt actually show basic upcoming events like birthdays? Is there a way I can change the way I’m entering them into the calendar so they actually show up?

Hello Maurice
is this feature now Available?

Thanks for your help

Hello, this is unfortunately still unavailable, I will discuss the issue with our development team.
Best regards, Robert