unusual local folders

Today I noticed an odd folder had appeared in my local mail folders; contacts. A short time later calendars appeared as well.

These two folders do not contain anything and cannot be deleted.

Hi Gary,

Maybe those 2 folders were created because you tried to explain something about importing Outlook appointments in this thread?


Maybe, though I did not complete the import.

What I can’t understand is that these two folders did not appear together. Just after some time one appeared, and then later another appeared. They are in with the message folders, but right-click offers what you would expect of a calendar or contact folder. You can’t create events or contacts in them though, and they cannot be deleted.You can save messages to them.

Anyway, I restored from the previous day’s backup, so they are no longer there.

Any other screenshots I will take from a test machine, just to be safe. :slight_smile:

This also creates a Drafts folder in Calendar’s Local folders.